#19 Coffee & Coffee Liquor

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Robust Kahlua Rum & Coffee Liqueur enhanced with the distinct blend of bold coffee gelato



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Robust Kahlua Rum & Coffee Liqueur enhanced with the distinct blend of bold coffee gelato


Create your own affogato. Scoop of Coffee Ice Cream on top of a cup of Espresso.

• Quore Gelatos aluminum packaging protect the freshness of our gelatos • Recycle your used packaging at one of the drop-off stations at any Quore Boutique • When you recycle through our drop off Quore recycling program, your packaging can have a second life as an art installation

Expert Gelato Making

100% natural flavors + tradition = 20 liquor notes to delight your senses. Our team traveled to Italy with one of the world's most notorious gelatiers, Malcolm Stogo, to get the best gelato flavors Italy could offer. We wanted to create a romance between the world's two best adult treats, liquor & gelato. We decided to import some of the top gelato flavors to Miami and bring a never before seen bar experience to South Florida.

Expert Gelato Making

Alchemists of Today

Therefore we developed the most delicate gelato to match the smooth taste of world-class liquors. We were passionate about the high-end liquor industry but wanted to bring nostalgia and desire to the taste of alcohol. So we called in some of the best mixologists in the United States to combine our gelato and created a concept that would make every 21+ bar look & feel familiar.

The Future Of Gelato

A love story between world-class liquors and Italy’s best gelato. Our small-batch gelato with liquor brings the best of Italian gelato and world-class liquors. Quore is not just locally sourced, it also generates happiness. With our enhanced flavors, creamy textures, and never-ending laughs, Quore is the perfect place to create memories.


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